My name is Michal, I grew up in Israel and moved to the Netherlands in 2019. For many years, I was looking for my part in the world. Studying in a pre-med school and completing a BSc in Biology and biotechnology, I knew that something in what I have learned was not complete. I listened to my inner voice, saying that there is more than meets the eye, especially with the biology studies.

I continued to search, going through many different disciplines and learning from my own experience in life. Like all of us, breaking down and re-building, I found myself sitting in the first lesson of a course named “Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. At that day, I knew where am I suppose to be.

Since then, I studied all kinds of ancient medicine, in Israel and in the Netherlands. I graduated at Shenzhou Open University in Amsterdam, and along the way I had many more courses and seminars.

What are my values?

Balance – A true healing is based on balance. We can not be completely fixed since we are born into this world imperfect, but we can find our equilibrium. It is the right place for us, emotionally and physically. There is an alternative to suffering, and it is based on longing for balance and a tailored healing journey for each being. This is what I am here for, to guide you through your own journey, and give the right treatment.

Love and Compassion – these two are my guidances in this world. Throughout the years, I have found that I can love everyone and everything. One of my teachers, Byron Katie, says “To me, a car alarm is as beautiful as a bird singing”. This is my practice, and one of my core values. I am love.

Kintsugi – The Japanese art and concept of imperfection. In this concept, everything that was broken can be fixed with a golden mending. The idea is that breakage and repair are a part of our life and our journey, and they are treated as a beauty, and for me also as a gate for healing.

Inner Voice – I don’t follow protocols, I look into myself, and trust my inner intuition. This is how I treat. I have the knowledge and the tools, and I learn to feel my patients, in order to have a clear decision of what is the next step for them in their healing journey.