What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a balancing treatment that was used as ancient Chinese medicine. It was then imported to Japan as well, and developed separately to become a different method of balancing. The basic is similar: Our body, mind and soul are a complexed structure with many inner links and connections.

This complex is affected by many factors. Our diet, emotional status, sleep habits, environmental conditions and others (I believe that you can think of some of yours). Changes and imbalances of these factors may cause inner disharmonies, that can then turn into pain, discomfort, moods and diseases.

Chinese and Japanese medicine are based on an exceptional structure of the internal organs, the physical body and the emotional state. Through a huge network of energy that flows in the body, a connection between all of them is gained. Pain, Disease or imbalance is seen as blockage or weakness of the energy flow.

Here is where the needles come into action. The acupuncture points have very unique location on the human body, in areas of excess or deficient energy. By needling, we get an effect of balancing, that is contributing to the overall balance of the whole body-mind-soul complex.

During the treatment, we analyse together what is bothering you and talk about your habits. After that, you can lie down on the treatment bed, enjoy the music and let the needles and the body do their job…